Anna Asti became the most popular artist of

Anna Asti became the most popular artist of “Sound” at the end of the summer

2022, Archer

Rating: 5 out of 10.

The musical career of Olga Buzova is, of course, a phenomenon of our time, requiring a separate study, which is not the subject of this review. Let me just say that Olga Igorevna compensates for a lot of unsuccessful musical decisions due to her incredible activity and efficiency. Almost every single of hers can be studied for typical mistakes, but there are so many of these singles … While you laugh at one, the other will shoot, and not the other, so the third, and not the third, so the twentieth.

About the single “Antibody” you can immediately say that he was two years late. “I am already healthy, the wound has healed – I have antibodies to your love,” such a refrain would have thundered an order of magnitude louder at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, when everyone counted the notorious antibodies. The fact that the authors of the text came up with the image of “antibodies to love” with a huge delay, by default, equates the song to a shot in milk. But Olga made a few more “control shots” into the milk. There are a lot of pearls in the words of the song that could turn “Antibodies” into a comic, parody work: “you danced alone surrounded by men”, “eyes, like headlights, burn”, “to be vicious this night”, “and now I’m in half and run on business”, etc. However, these potential catchphrases, combined with a banal melody, do not work, are not noticed and are not remembered – neither as a refrain, nor as a joke. Past.

The clip completes the work, in which a lightly dressed Olga Buzova dances alone surrounded by meadow plants or carefully sits on a horse. The choreographic skills of the star are also waiting for their merciless researcher – however, the calculation, apparently, was that they would look not at dances, but at translucent anatomical details. Night scenes by the fire were crowned with another bold decision: Olga several times turns her back to the fire, her front to the forest and lifts her skirt, showing her panties. “To be vicious this night” is not an easy task, and for some reason the artist literally illustrates this line in the video.

Alexey Mazhaev, InterMedia

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