Animal abuse case: Complaint for torturing a dog with electric shock |  LiFO

Animal abuse case: Complaint for torturing a dog with electric shock |

According to the complaint, the dog lives in deplorable conditions

A complaint about the torture of a dog by its owner was made public by the Live News show.

According to the complainant, a man has placed an electronic collar on his dog in order to show it that he has control over it.

In the video shown on the show, the owner of the unfortunate animal can be seen showing a man standing next to him that he has control over his dog, activating the collar and causing him pain.

Dog torture video

“He went and put the collar on the electric truck, let it play a little bit and as soon as it was a few meters away, he pressed the button and the dog screamed in pain. Like it’s normal. For two or three days it was on a twenty-four-hour basis in the neck of the living. Demonstration that if he thinks and moves away, no matter what, ‘I decide, who left you without a leash, that you will come back from pain’. Submission. Complete submission. I don’t know, the brutality is indescribable,” the complainant said.

“He also had the audacity to say that the dog is overweight when it is 12 kilos and you see it skin and bones. Malnourished if anything… There are no words for this thing. The legislation is clear that even if one measure of the leash is in 24 hours, this alone is a fine of 1,000 euros, every time the police will come.

“In other words, it’s not just one illegality over here… It’s been tied up for 24 hours. The dog is like a child. So you don’t take care of a child if you can’t take care of yourself. Nor is the dog a decorative element for you to do whatever you want,” he added.

“On a daily basis I see the dog in question on a one-meter leash, which, this, is never untied, he has food which is potatoes every day, which potatoes I don’t even know if they are baked, no starch for dogs and after this issue is that the water, at some point he had put it in the potatoes, potatoes and water had become one, now two days he has no food, water non-existent, the water is behind the house. For the last two days I haven’t even seen potatoes in the food. In other words, no food either,” he emphasized.

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