Alexander Kalyagin will stage a performance based on the stories of Valentin Kataev in the new season of Et Cetera

Alexander Kalyagin will stage a performance based on the stories of Valentin Kataev in the new season of Et Cetera

The Moscow theater Et Cetera, under the direction of People’s Artist of the RSFSR Alexander Kalyagin, opened the new season with a traditional gathering of the troupe on September 7, 2022. In the new, 30th season, he plans to present productions based on Alexander Ostrovsky, Nikolai Erdman, Yuri Trifonov, and Kalyagin himself intends to stage a play based on the stories of Valentin Kataev. In addition, the theater begins work on the play “Sin and trouble does not live on anyone” based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky, TASS reports.

On September 7, the season opened with the play “It’s So (If You Think So)” based on the play by Luigi Pirandello directed by Adolf Shapiro. And already on September 8, the first premiere of the anniversary season will take place – the play “Three Plus a Cat” based on the play by Evgeny Shestakov will be shown

– This is an independent work of the artist Et Cetera Kirill Loskutov, – said Kalyagin.

In parallel, work begins on the play “Sin and trouble does not live on anyone” based on a little-known play by Alexander Ostrovsky. Director – Marina Brusnikina, set designer – Nana Abdrashitova. The release is planned for December 2022 at the Efrosovsky Hall. In addition, the theater continues to work on the play “The Mandate” based on the play by Nikolai Erdman directed by Vladimir Pankov. The premiere is scheduled for early January.

At the end of the season Murat Abulkatimov, an Efros scholarship holder, a graduate of the Sergey Zhenovach Workshop, starts to work, staging Yury Trifonov’s story “The Long Goodbye”.

In the new season, the Kalyaginsk project, whose artistic director is pianist Boris Berezovsky, will continue. As part of this project, on October 16, a musical fairy-tale performance for children with parents called “Magic Fairy” will take place.

– Boris offered to make a performance “Shakespeare and Music”. Almost all of Shakespeare’s works have music written by great composers. It will be such a musical fairy tale, which will be performed by our artists and musicians, – the head of Et Cetera announced.

Kalyagin also said that the theater is starting the Director’s Laboratory project, which is being implemented jointly with GITIS. The goal of the project, according to the artistic director of Et Cetera, will be the discovery of new director names. The work of the laboratory will consist of several stages.

– The first stage is the chosen directors, and this year there are four graduates of the Oleg Kudryashov Workshop. They get acquainted with the current repertoire of the theater, get acquainted with the troupe. The second stage is the choice of material. The directors propose a title, the art direction discusses and approves. The third stage – the directors are preparing a presentation of their future performance, talking about the idea, suggesting the distribution of roles, perhaps even demonstrating the layout. Two of the four applicants are selected. In January, they are given a month for rehearsals, as a result of which one act should be ready. If the management deems it possible to proceed with the implementation, work on the performance begins. Maybe just above two, – Kalyagin explained.

In the anniversary season, the theater will also provide viewers with the opportunity to see productions that are no longer on stage.

– We will show video recordings of performances that have become not only milestones in the history of the Moscow theater Et Cetera, but also events in the theatrical life of the country. Performances staged by outstanding directors and artists, marked by many awards and prizes. Performances that were successfully played in Russian cities and in many countries of the world. We will make a special poster, we will publish announcements for each performance on our website, meetings with participants in productions and theater critics are planned, – concluded the artistic director of Et Cetera.

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