Les Cergyssois, finalistes des finales nationales du challenge Afts + à Arcachon, dans la catégorie Caren 65 ans. De gauche à droite, entre les organisateurs : Salah Saib, Jacques Bettoni, Jean-Paul Balloy, Lionel Zucker, Jean-Marc Durrieu et Srysanga Sacdpraseuth.

Afts 65+ Tennis Challenge. Cergy crowned vice-champions of France

Les Cergyssois, finalists in the national finals of the Afts + challenge in Arcachon, in the Caren 65-year-old category. From left to right, between the organizers: Salah Saib, Jacques Bettoni, Jean-Paul Balloy, Lionel Zucker, Jean-Marc Durrieu and Srysanga Sacdpraseuth. (©D.R.)

A week after the third and fourth place respectively won by the Tc Gonesse and the Tc Franconville (Val d’Oise) in the hexagonal event reserved for men 60 years during the Challenge Afts (French Tennis Association for Seniors Plus), they are their counterparts in Tc Cergy who distinguished themselves on the clay courts of the magnificent Arcachon club. The reigning champions of the Caren Cup 65 again reached the final.

Two luxury recruits

It must be said that the Cergyssois were reinforced, by recruiting in their ranks a Pontoisian and a… Franconvillois! The clubs of the latter not participating in this category, the regulations allowed them to come and lend a hand to their Valdoisiens friends.

“Our team was made up of Jean-Marc Durrieu (15/3), Jean-Paul Balloy (15/4, Franconville), Saïb’s fault (15/4, Pontoise), Jacques Bettoni (15/5), Sanga Sacdpraseuth (30/2) and myself”, specifies the captain Lionel Zucker (15/4).

In meetings with three singles and a double which is worth two points (the number one player cannot dispute it), the revamped Tc Cergy first emerged victorious from a group of three teams by beating Mennecy and Chartres before eliminating Fouesnant in the quarter-finals. All without losing a single game.

“Then it’s a 3/2 victory against the very good team from Arcachon, adds Lionel Zucker, but a 4/1 defeat in the final against the Tc du Grand Versailles team who took their revenge for last year. , mainly thanks to the presence of the untouchable Luc Ghaleb (15/2, former 4/6), whose classification allows him to play singles and doubles. »

Eaubonne in the final

Another event put Valdoisiens in the spotlight, the challenge Beust content bringing together mixed teams in doubles matches. Double winners among the 65s a few years ago, the Eaubonnais are this time finalists (beaten 2/1 by Bagneux), while the Franconvillois? ubiquitous? are champions of France in the 50 years. Congratulations to these four clubs who brilliantly represented Val-d’Oise at the other end of the country.

Sylvain SMALL

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