Actor Pavel Ustinov, who played in the film

Actor Pavel Ustinov, who played in the film “Attraction”, was mobilized

Photo: Ustinov’s page in social networks

Actor Pavel Ustinov was called up as part of a partial mobilization. This was reported by the press service of the New Theatre.

“Artist of the New Theater Pavel Ustinov, called up for partial mobilization, went to the place of service. Behind the shoulders of a 26-year-old young man is an urgent service in the National Guard. There are very resonant events in the artist’s biography – many remember the period when social networks were full of avatars “I / We Pavel Ustinov”. After these dramatic events, he served at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, where he played in the performances “Laurel” and “The Cherry Orchard”. After the opening of the New Theater, Pavel was invited to join his troupe, ”the message says.

Behind Ustinov are episodic roles in the films “Attraction”, “Ice-2”, “Sputnik” and “Trader” (to be released in 2023).

In August 2019, Ustinov was detained during an unsanctioned protest near Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow. According to investigators, he resisted the soldiers of the National Guard, one of whom suffered a dislocated shoulder. Ustinov did not admit his guilt, since he did not participate in the rally, but was waiting for a friend near the metro. The actor was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. The decision caused a great resonance – single pickets were held in the capital for the release of the artist. The director of the National Guard also criticized the verdict for Ustinov. In September 2019, it became known that the Moscow City Court changed the preventive measure. The actor was released on bail.

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