A wild wolf will be brought from Chechnya to Moscow in the series "Abrek"

A wild wolf will be brought from Chechnya to Moscow in the series “Abrek”

Premiere of the detective series “The Crow. Shadow of Justice” starts in Okko online cinema on September 14, 2022. This is a continuation of the story of the investigator Anna Vorontsova (Elizaveta Boyarskaya), or, as her colleagues in the investigative committee called her, the Ravens. The premiere of “The Crow” took place in 2018 on NTV.

In the first season, Anna failed to bring those responsible to justice. Anna is disappointed: justice does not work, high-ranking criminals are invulnerable. She decides to investigate cases that are in her area of ​​​​opportunity. She is only interested in those crimes that she can bring to justice. Not just to solve a crime, but to restore justice at the level of individual private destinies. But, simple, at first glance, the crime of domestic violence, becomes a professional challenge for her. One day, she receives a “gift” from a criminal – the hand of a man’s hand … Anna has to go from simple private affairs to the investigation of a complex, large-scale crime. Her professionalism, integrity, as well as the help of her partner and lover Sergei Kabanov (Anatoly Bely), will help her resist the unknown, who, by killing people, wants to involve her in his fight for justice.

The series also starred Alexey Matoshin, Mikhail Evlanov, Alexander Ratnikov, Gennady Smirnov, Vladimir Kolganov, Andrey Vasilyev, Sergey Kolos, Sergey Kozik and others. The director was Alena Mikhailova, the production was handled by the Okko Online Cinema and the Marmot-film studio by Valery Todorovsky.

– I fell in love with Vorontsova, even when we were filming the first season, – Elizaveta Boyarskaya admits. – I really like her controversial character. We are similar and at the same time very different. A former pianist, a girl from an intelligent family, but the profession has left its imprints on the already complex character. Sharp, stubborn, straightforward, with a heightened sense of justice, at times an unpleasant person. Spiked on the outside, but vulnerable on the inside. Such a heroine could not but attract. The second season is also full of sharp dramaturgy, exciting, filled with suspense and disturbing anticipation. But the second season will have a different style, shades and atmosphere thanks to the author’s look at the story and the heroine of the director of this season, Alena Mikhailova.

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