A group of minors attacked an immigrant in Syntagma Square - The

A group of minors attacked an immigrant in Syntagma Square – The “gentlemen” left after the beating

Syntagma Square turned into a ring, when a group of juveniles beat an immigrant to rob him. The man was seriously injured while police are investigating the possibility of a racial motive.

Video – document comes to light, where a group of minors attacked and seriously injured a man.

According to the SKAI report, this appalling incident unfolded on the steps of Syntagma Square, just a few meters away from the Parliament. They robbed him and took his cell phone. Police are considering the possibility that the attack was motivated by racism, as the victim of violence and robbery was an immigrant.

The group of juvenile bullies without any sense of their actions kicked the man furiously in the head and one attacker even threw a glass beer bottle at his head.

An EKAV ambulance took the man with serious injuries and covered in blood in a semi-conscious state. On the other hand, the perpetrators left as if nothing had happened and headed towards the Stadium.

However, according to testimonies, the Police men did not rush to the scene of the attack but went slowly.

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