13-year-old daughter helped her mother sell a saddle on the Internet and deprived her family of 35 thousand

A resident of the Chemalsky district told the police that her 13-year-old daughter was persuaded by fraudsters to give them bank card details, as a result of which the applicant lost 35,000 rubles.

It was preliminary established that the girl, with the consent of her mother, posted on the Internet an advertisement for the sale of a horse saddle for 14,000 rubles, indicating her phone number.

After some time, an unknown man called her, who said that he was ready to purchase a saddle and immediately transfer the entire amount. Apparently, the swindler quickly realized that he was talking to a child who did not understand financial matters, and decided to take advantage of this.

He asked the girl to dictate the card number, ostensibly to transfer money. Believing the man, she took a bank card from her mother and dictated to the false buyer the details of the card, the CVC code on the back and the codes that came to the phone. After that, all the money in the amount of 35 thousand rubles was debited from the bank account of the villager.

A criminal case has been initiated. The police are looking for an attacker, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Altai reports.

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